Statistika Defective Goods Produk Gagal di PT. Sasa Inti

Bryan, Adimarsetio and Charlotte, Lee A. and Christopher Tj, Christopher Tj and Cleonimia, Agatha and Cliff, Sia and Demetrius, Floja and Grishilda Jhon, Mesach and Kezia, Evana and Reint, Vattenan (2022) Statistika Defective Goods Produk Gagal di PT. Sasa Inti. Technical Report. SMA Katolik St. Louis 1 Surabaya, Surabaya.

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From the stock market to the weather, statistics help our daily lives by giving possible outcomes and predictions of the future. Living in a data-driven world, we rely on statistics, a mathematical science concerned with developing and studying methods for collecting, analyzing, interpreting and presenting empirical data, to make sense of the world we live in. Concerning the importance of statistics in our current era, the mathematics team has taken advantage of the opportunity that St. Louis 1 Catholic High School, has given the students to visit the biggest MSG manufacturer in Indonesia, PT Sasa Inti, for the 2022 Excursion Study and apply statistics to analyze the goods that they produce. This research is aimed to answer four research questions; (1) How does PT Sasa Inti apply statistical principles in industry for various problems? (2) How is the application of mathematics in the analysis of defective goods production chance? (3) What is the impact of defective goods mathematically? (4) What are the best solutions PT Sasa has come up with in overcoming defective goods production? The theories from Mursyidi (2010), Sudjana (2004), Sutrisno Hadi (2007), Riduwan & Sunarto (2007), Sugiyono (2009), Karl Pearson (1893), Pierre-Simon Laplace (1811), Ronald Fisher (1918), Frank Yates (1949), and Jakob Bernoulli (1713) were reviewed to help the researchers to find out the relationships with the research’s final results. Data collection was done by the following methods: literature study, observation, and interviews. The data analysis method used in the research results is a descriptive analysis using quantitative data, the results of the analysis are presented using the concept of the Poisson distribution and binomial distribution to achieve normal approximation. Based on the research, the statistics of defective goods for 50g, 100g, and 250g MSG packaging at PT Sasa Inti can be known every year. Keywords: defective goods, statistics, Poisson distribution, MSG, research, Binomial distribution

Item Type: Monograph (Technical Report)
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Divisions: Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam
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Date Deposited: 25 Jun 2022 02:20
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