Puteri Purnama, Beatrice Alexandra and Indrakusuma, Caily and Christdinova, Celine Charlotte and Notokusumo, Frederick Leroy and Santoso, Jonathan Jedine and Sasongko, Livia Otto and Angela, Michelle and Karyono, Nathanael Jovantinus and Shannon, Vica (2021) ANALISIS PERAN BUDAYA SAPARAN NGLINGGO DALAM MENGANGKAT DESA NGLINGGO MENJADI DESA WISATA BESERTA DAMPAKNYA. Project Report. SMAK St. Louis 1 Surabaya, Surabaya.

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The archipelago of Indonesia is known for the various cultures and customs of each island within its bounds, which have contributed to the escalation of tourism. To further look into the validity of this assertion, we conducted an analysis on a village named Nglinggo and its most distinctive culture, Saparan. We observed and interviewed speakers to discover the villagers' view of Saparan as a tradition, contributions of Saparan that supports the village’s tourism, and the impact elevating the village’s tourism towards the villagers' efforts in preserving their culture. Through a series of studies, we have concluded that Saparan along with various other cultures and customs are prominent in the advancement of Nglinggo Village’s tourism. These cultures provide tourists with entertainment along with insight on native cultures. Therefore, supporting the villagers' outlook, they view tradition as something to celebrate, appreciate and be proud of. They believe that every tradition encompasses different moral values that can only be comprehended by doing said tradition. By passing on these values to their successors, they're preserving their culture whilst also forming the identity of Nglinggo Village and its villagers. However, being a village specifically a popular tourist destination presents itself with its challenges. One of them being how the tourists’ culture impacts villagers. Interacting with one another indirectly causes these cultures to mesh. Therefore, making it difficult for the village to maintain its native cultures. In order to prevent these repercussions, the village should continue celebrating and teaching their traditions to their successors. Lastly, the village should learn to adapt to modern technology and expand their culture further. This concludes some of our findings, we hope that this study can be applicable to other discoveries and may broaden the reader’s knowledge on Nglinggo Village as well as the influence of traditions and cultures on tourism. Key Words : tourism, tradition, culture, Nglinggo, Saparan.

Item Type: Monograph (Project Report)
Subjects: H Social Sciences > HM Sociology
Divisions: Ilmu Pengetahuan Sosial
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Date Deposited: 26 Mar 2021 00:16
Last Modified: 26 Mar 2021 00:16

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